Treat your skin with showermousse

The showermousse with natural aromas moisturizes and revitalizes the skin and leaves a noticeable feeling of freshness and softness. It has natural pH which has a particularly mild and soft cleansing effect, retains moisture in the skin and prevents moisture loss through the skin.

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  • It smells so good

    Today I tested Honey touch. I'm freakin in love! It not only smells good during the shower time, that scent stays for a good while afterwards + it is not dehydrating. Lovely !!! 🤩 - @aylinsuniverse

  • I'am stuck

    Smells like heaven and I can not use any other shower cream. I am stuck. Yes.

    AND YOU will do the same when you test their products! Believe me! 😍 - @paula_moczek

  • It's the best thing ever...

    After I tested this showermousse, there is no going back to soap, gel or anything else. This is totally different. I tested a bottle and ended up buying 5 more ... 😂 - @lifeofsweli

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Home Collection - 200 ml

200ml bottles perfect to have home or why not give away as a nice present...

Sweets & Herbs

Sweets & Herbs

Sensational showermousse with care oils and the most beautiful natural scents of... 

Travel Collection - 75 ml

Always take me with you where ever you go...

Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze

The showermousse experience with refreshing water mint extract and the tingling scent...